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Aldridge & Southerland
Marketing Plan


We will assist you in pricing your home based on a comparative market analysis. This will help you set the best list price for your home so that it will sell within your time frame. We will show you your home’s competition, show you the number of homes that sell per month in each price range, and how many homes comparable to your home sell per month. This will allow you to make an informed decision when setting your list price.

Aldridge and Southerland Sign

Our recognizable sign (40 years) will be placed in your front yard

Color Flyer and Flyer Box

Color flyers will be prepared for each home and displayed in a flyer box outside by the Aldridge and Southerland sign.

Counter Display

We will prepare and display a notebook on your counter containing all information about your home that buyers will wan to know ( school info, survey, utilities, homeowners association, etc.)

Internet Advertising

Our website averages 100,000 views a month. In addition to our website, all listings are advertised on, zillow, trulia, and over 20 additional real estate sites.

Relocation Program

We provide the major employers in Pitt County relocation packets that go to all new employees moving to the area. This will increase exposure for your home.

Weekly Contact

We will contact your weekly to give you an update on the marketing of your home and answer any questions you may have.

Monthly Report

We will gift you with a large duffle bag to pick up toys, clothes, etc. in the event of a showing without much notice. As much as we would like to avoid this for you,  often out-of-town buyers give very short notice to see a property. Being on a limited schedule, they will often go to the next property if we cannot accommodate them. The duffle bag may help with a quick pick-up! 

Lock Box

We will place a lockbox on your property to increase showings and provide you with the security of knowing who has shown your home.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

We will enter your home’s information into the MLS, giving your home exposure to all of the Realtors in Pitt County.

Finding a Home?

If you are new to the area, we hope you will find the Greenville/Pitt area as wonderful as we know it to be. Please let our Aldridge & Southerland agents know your special interest so they can customize your relocation package to meet your specific needs.


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