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Steve Kelly

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Steve Kelly

- Odom Kelly & Dellano Team
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Steve is an accomplished chef who has made a successful transition from the culinary arts industry to sales and real estate. He obtained his culinary degree from England and gained valuable experience through an internship in Dijon, France, before relocating to the United States in 1989. Steve’s impressive track record includes working in various restaurants and rising to the position of Sous Chef at Christine’s in the Greenville Hilton. In 1998, he embarked on a new career path in sales, and in 2004, he made the decision to pursue his passion for real estate. Steve takes great pride in his Irish heritage and his family’s history of migration to England in the 1950s. He has been happily married to his wife, Hue Thi Le, since 1990. Steve’s passion for real estate is evident in his dedication to helping clients maximize their investments and achieve their goals.

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