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Aldridge & Southerland Realtors

Our Company Story

At Aldridge & Southerland, we feel privileged to assist you with the responsibility of locating the right home for you and your family. Whether you are relocating to the Greenville area or anywhere else in the U.S., the home buying process can be quite overwhelming. 

Aldridge & Southerland currently has 35 full time Real Estate Agents in Greenville, NC. We strive to have all of our Real Estate Agents highly educated and trained to be the top Real Estate Agents in Greenville and Pitt County. Click Here, to find all of our Real Estate Agents specializing in Greenville, NC and Pitt County.

We are located at 226 Commerce Street, in Greenville, NC. Our office is the perfection location for you to come enjoy the comfort of being at home. We offer conference areas with large screen T.V.’s that allow your agent to assist you in the quickest way to narrow down your search for your new home. Our friendly staff is here to help with any need you may have while at our office. We have an area set up to allow your children to enjoy playing while you are meeting with your agent if you prefer. For information about our office and location, contact us.

We have helped families from the beginning process of searching for their new home, to walking all the way through the purchasing process, since 1975.

Our Mission Statement



Real estate strategies may be increasingly global, but solutions remain local. We are committed to providing clients with local real estate expertise based on our deep understanding of market needs and access to local-level research and analysis.



Our commitment to expertise has one simple end goal: delivering clients the highest quality bespoke solutions that best respond to their needs. We are committed to developing and delivering the highest level of expertise.



At Aldridge and Southerland Realtors, we are interested in not only developing property but also creating meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients. We value the trust clients have in us, and are committed to upholding this trust.

Aldridge & Southerland Realtors

Meet Our Owners

Left to Right: Jeff Aldridge, Mike Aldridge, Brad Carter, Don Southerland

Aldridge & Southerland Realtors

Meet Our Staff

Left to Right, Kim Manning, Katie Davenport, Melissa Mclawhorn

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Aldridge & Southerland agents are here to represent you. Please let our real estate agents know your specific needs and we'll make sure you have an amazing experience throughout the process.


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