Don’t let small size deceive you though. Grimesland real estate is an affordable option for those who want to live near Greenville, but don’t want to pay Greenville prices. The drive from downtown Grimesland to downtown Greenville is a mere 18 minutes (11.7 miles). With an easy commute along 33, many Grimesland residents forget that they don’t even live in Greenville.
Ask Grimesland residents what they love about their little town, and chances are you’ll get quite the variety of answers. However, most people seem to agree that one of the best parts about Grimesland is that you’re so close to Greenville without being in it. And, with all of the wonderful business opportunities and the bustling culture and arts scene of Greenville, what’s not to love about that?
Greenville, NC real estate is getting pricier all the time. However, Grimesland real estate remains fairly steady, which makes it a great option for those who love Greenville, but don’t love city prices. Claim your piece of Grimesland real estate today, and enjoy the scenic commute into town.
Many professionals from around the world are drawn to Greenville for the growing business scene and state-of-the-art Vidant Medical Center. The Medical Center and hospital is home to more than 1700 licensed medical providers, and employs nearly 6,500 professionals and laborers.
A good portion of those employees calls nearby Grimesland, North Carolina home. If you’re a medical professional, student, entrepreneur, or just someone who enjoys the scenic beauty of North Carolina’s inner banks, then you, too, might enjoy calling a piece of Grimesland real estate home!
Our Greenville, NC real estate experts know the Grimesland market inside and out. We can help you find the perfect piece of property in Grimesland. Just give us a call or send us an email to find out what perfect listings we might already have on hand for you. We look forward to working with you in your search for Grimesland real estate.
 Do you like the idea of owning a piece of Greenville, NC real estate? But, perhaps you don’t care to be so close to town? If so, Grimesland real estate might really be what you’re looking for. Located just east of Greenville – but still a part of the Greenville Metropolitan Area – Grimesland, NC is a small town with a population of 472 (according to the 2008 census). There’s only 0.5 square miles to Grimesland, but residents love its little size!

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