Don’t let the name ‘Farmville’ deceive you. While fertile soil made Farmville real estate popular with 18th century settlers, today this modern little town has much more to offer. Located just west of prime Greenville, NC real estate, Farmville is home to a friendly community of about 4,600 residents.
Numerous events in Farmville, North Carolina make it a wonderful place to live with a high quality of life. Each year, the town hosts – in partnership with the Farmville Development Partnership – the Christmas Parade, Dogwood Festival, and Hometown Halloween. The sense of community that made Farmville, NC successful hundreds of years ago still lives on through the city’s vibrant culture and community.
With a commute of just 25 minute into Greenville, many Farmville, NC residents are able to enjoy a quiet pastoral life with plenty of business opportunities just 14 miles away! Many medical professionals who work in Greenville’s hospital system purchase Farmville real estate for a place to call home. Also, a lot of business professionals at East Carolina University faculty call Farmville home.
Farmville real estate may fit into just 3.1 square miles, but residents find that life in Farmville is so much bigger. A bustling business district on Main Street includes new start-ups as well as the tried-and-true businesses over a half-century-old. A contemporary library and history museum also give downtown Farmville extra life and interest.
While nearby Greenville, North Carolina may boast some of the best healthcare in the state, Farmville holds its own. The greater Farmville area has a number of specialty clinics, two medical clinics, two dental facilities, a pediatric center, three pharmacies, and much more.
If you would like to call a piece of Farmville real estate your own, let us help you get the most value! Farmville has affordable housing both downtown and further out in western Pitt County. We know the Farmville real estate market like the backs of our hands. We know it all, from practical, built-to-last homes, to the gorgeous estate-like properties in Farmville.
Why not stake your piece of Farmville real estate today? Live close to Greenville without having to live amongst the busyness of a mid-sized. Talk to any of our agents, and you’ll find that this truly is a special place nestled away in the western part of Pitt County. If you’d like to live somewhere where you’ll see familiar faces and be greeted with warm smiles, then Farmville real estate might just be for you!

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