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108 Field Street, Greenville, NC 27858


Greenville, NC

Welcome to Aldridge & Southerland Realtors, Greenville, NC’s leading real estate firm.  We’ve been helping families throughout Pitt County since 1975.  We take our responsibility seriously & we realize how important it is to find you the right home.  We are constantly compiling and updating our knowledge of city growth patterns, schools, taxes, and many other bits and pieces of information that may have an impact on your choice of homes.
We believe our clients are intelligent people who need the facts-all of them.  Our first and only product is service to you, and we can best provide the service by seeing that you are given all the facts truthfully and impartially.  We understand that your time is valuable, and will be as efficient as possible.  In fact, much of your shopping is done in our office as you look at various homes on one of our plasma TV’s in every conference room.  We have found that buyers are able to save time by using this method to narrow the focus before going to see specific homes.
If you are new the area, we hope you will find the Greenville NC, Pitt County area as wonderful as we know it to be.  Please let your Aldridge & Southerland agents know your special interests so they can customize your relocation package to meet your specific needs.
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